Kerri DiBiase

Kerri DiBiase

Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner
Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
Magnified Healing Practitioner
Theta Healer(Level one)
Certified Angel Light Messenger
Spiritual Counselor

Mission Statement

“Trust yourself on this journey we call life!"

Trust in what feels right for YOU! Look within! What does your soul have to show you?!

We’ve been taught to look externally. However, going inward and building a relationship with yourself will reveal your true desires, your passion, and your need to find your place in this life. It will reveal that You are unique and that uniqueness is why the world needs you.

I am ready to work with those of you who are ready to journey within! I will shine a light for you to follow to find your way. I will show you that faith in a higher power will give you hope; a tool to use on those days that seem dark.

There’s a river of life within you that is waiting to flow. Let’s get started on your unique journey! The world is waiting for you!

I promise you that journeying inward is the first step to freedom. Freedom from the fear that takes over you. You will find you. You will learn to Love you. You will feel something shift inside of you and it will then begin to shift on the outside!

It is a process. There will be many lessons to learn along the way. But remember you do not have to do it alone.

I will assist you! At times I may recommend a book to read, suggest a class or meditation to partake in or guide you to others that may be needed to share their unique gifts with you. We are all here to assist one another. We are all connected on this journey we call life. We can learn from one another but also teach one another.

I, myself, have been journeying on my path of healing for many years. I’ve been both a student and a teacher. This process is never ending as there is always something to learn and/or teach! This healing journey is about moving forward and looking back to heal from the past. It’s about finding the Peace in your soul!

I have obtained many tools that have assisted me on my journey. My experiences will also play a very important role in connecting with you on a deeper level. I am here to share all of them with you to assist you.

I am an Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, Magnified Healing Practitioner, Theta Healer(Level one), Certified Angel Light Messenger, Spiritual Counselor, and Medium of messages of loving guidance.

I have surrounded myself with a community of so many beautiful unique souls that possess an array of healing modalities that have assisted me in my healing process and, if need be, I will lead you to them!

My mission is to be able to assist you in obtaining those tools unique to you. Tools that you will be able to use to live life with

“A Peace Filled Soul”!

A Peace Filled Soul

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Open Hours

  • Mon - Thurs: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Friday: 10 AM - 2 PM
  • Saturday: By appointment only
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  • Sunday: Closed